Brackenridge Decade of Memories  - Classes 1960's thru 1970's
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Brackenridge High School Song.
Brackites singing the school song at the 2011 Decades of Memories Reunion Dance.
Brackenridge Brackenridge, we are with you heart and soul
Brackenridge, Brackenridge, we will fight and win our goal
Ranking high- you know why
Just because you’ve carried through
All those things that are great and good
Brackenridge here’s success to you.
B.H.S. O’er the rest
In the game of life we lead
Fighting fair, do or dare
Thanks to thee and to thy creed.
We will go, but I know
That a pleasant memory
Will be always within our hearts
Of the days that we spent with thee
Brackenridge Fight Song
Onward Eagles, Onward Eagles
Right down thru that line
Circle right around those ends, boys
Touchdown sure this time,
Rah, Rah, Rah
Tackle down them, Hold 'em, Ground them
Never let them free
Onward you eagles,
On to victory!!!
E , E , EAG
L , L , LES
Fight for the Purple and White
E , E , EAG
L , L , LES
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