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BANDANGO… is the musical group consisting of 10 musicians. The Band was established in San Antonio, home of true musical pioneers. Rick Vasquez leader and Lead Vocalist founded Bandango in 1977 and through the years he has provided Texas and other regions a unique horn section sound through their style of music, Also known as a Tejano Orchestra giving them quite a bit of flare with each performance. The Bandango Band is very versatile, allowing them to be a perform a variety flare of music consisting of Top 40 English, Country, and Salsa and is also considered as, “The Big Band Sound” with a unique twist of Oldies. BANDANGO is widely known as San Antonio’s Original Party Band because it dynamic flares of Variety music selection, and the mighty Brass Section which consists of Trombone, Saxophone, and Trumpet. Then the Almighty Rhythm Section which consists of Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums, Accordion, and Background Vocals. The Band also is engineered through an up scaled powered sound system and performs through an array of colored lights.  

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